Iran’s Petroleum Industry

Atieh Bahar Consulting’s starting point was offering advice to international companies involved in petroleum industry. Years of experience in this field has enabled us to analyze issues revolving around Iran’s petroleum industry. Our knowledge over major issues relating to the Petroleum Ministry such as contractual points, project problems and key decision-makers has made Atieh Bahar Consulting the first point of reference for foreign companies to better understand Iran’s oil industry.

Iran Weekly Brief
Iran Weekly Brief is an analytical market intelligence report which Atieh Bahar’s has been selling our international clients ever since the start of Atieh Bahar business in Iran in 1993. The Brief – which is sent out to the clients every Monday afternoon – is a subscription-based news monitoring and high-level strategic intelligence publication. It addresses three main topics: politics, economy, oil and retail industry. Each section includes the main developments of the week and is meant to give a quick glimpse to the reader about what is going on in Iran at the moment.

What make the Iran Weekly Brief different from its rivals over similar services are the analysis and the added value we try to include for each and every item. The weekly is meant to assist top managers and decision-makers of the foreign companies to have a clear and up-to-date picture of latest developments in Iran’s economic, political and market sectors. It analyses the current political, economic and strategic issues in Iran which would directly influence the foreign investors in Iran.

Atieh Bahar can modify the Iran Weekly Brief to focus on sections which are specifically interesting to your business in Iran. This is what we usually do for clients that come from various industries like retail, dairies, HR, automobile and tobacco industries.

Quarterly Analytical Presentations
Atieh Bahar prepares and delivers analytical presentations on Iran’s economic and political conditions. Every presentation takes a close look at the current conditions on the ground, discusses the challenges and provides a snapshot of Iran’s overall conditions in the short and the long term.

The presentation will be delivered by Atieh Bahar team of consultants and will be accommodated with question and answer sessions to further discuss the perils, the plans, and the priorities of the Iranian government on various fronts. This service is basically meant to help clients understand the parallel but interrelated processes in the Iranian politics as well as the country’s economy.

Media Monitoring Report
This report is produced either on a daily or weekly basis, depending on client request. It monitors the media coverage of select products, fields, areas or key words as specified by each client. In addition, the report also includes a Strategic Note about the targeted industry, including present and future developments, challenges, risks and opportunities.




*Note:Please note that all reports produced by Atieh Bahar are in English and based on official news published in Iranian media. Atieh Bahar does not use any unofficial news or media sources in any of our reports or analysis.